Done 'For' You Packages We Offer
Interested In Hiring Us To Do The Work For You? We help you with all the tech aspects of launching your business online! Depending on what you need, we have an option for you!
Here's some of our "Done For You" packages that you can purchase now...
#1: PLATINUM PACKAGE: Launch With the Tech Boss
This is the platinum package of all packages! Hand us the keys and we will drive your entire online business to the finish line!

Not only will we do it all of for you, but you will automatically be a part of our Mastermind Group in the Academy and have access to all the perks there! Check it out!

Package ranges from: $4,997 - $9,997

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#2: Full Website Development
Do you need an entire website developed beyond a one page funnel? What about funnels that include Upsell pages and downsell pages? 

If you are looking for more then a one page landing site and a thank you page, this is the package for you.

Chose this package if you are looking for a more robust website or funnel, with or without integrations!

Rates starting at $997

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#3: A Summit Funnel
Is your dream to hold a summit? Secure guest speakers to give tons of value to your clients? Then this is the package for you! 

We will design a summit funnel for you! If you need one for a guest speaker to promote, be sure to include that in your request as they can utilize that to invite their guests! This is perfect if they are an affiliate!

BONUS: A contract that you can share with your guests!

Chose this package if you are looking for a summit funnel, with or without integrations!

Rates starting at $597

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#4: A Webinar Funnel
Have you wanted to do a webinar, but just haven't launched it yet because you've been stuck in the mud when it comes to the technical aspects of doing a webinar?

Don't worry, many people "want" to do a webinar but just aren't sure how to do them in order to produce results.  Us on the other hand have been doing webinars since 2010 and it's one of the platforms we love to sell products and services of all kinds.

We build your webinar funnel for you, so you can focus 100% on your webinar presentation, which is where you'll convert those webinar leads into sales.

To learn more about what you get with our done for you webinar funnel package, click the button that says, "Yes, I Want A Webinar Funnel."

Chose this package if you are looking for a webinar funnel, with or without integrations!

Rates starting at $397
#5: A Challenge Funnel
Do you want to launch a successful challenge funnel?  Look no further!  We have built tons of challenge funnels and have gotten thousands of leads!

We love love love building challenge funnels.  It's our sweet spot when it comes to building things that convert online! You provide the content and we build it for you!

Get a Quote today to see how we can build out your challenge funnel!

Chose this package if you are looking for a challenge funnel, with or without integrations!

Rates starting at $597
#6: A Sales Funnel
Let us design a one page sales funnel where we can get your product out to the world! A book, a supplement, a product...whatever you want to launch, we got you!

Chose this package if you are looking for a sales funnel, with or without integrations!
Rates starting at $397

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#7: A Lead Magnet
What to build your list? Do you have something for free that you want to share with others? A free PDF, consultation call, ebook etc...the list is endless!

If you are looking for more clients to add to your email list then this is the funnel for you!

Chose this package if you are looking for a lead magnet funnel, with or without integrations!

Rates starting at $297

This is the perfect funnel for you!
#8: Membership Sites
Do you need a membership site for your content?  We can build a membership site so you can protect your most valuable content while at the same time providing a great user experience for your clients and customers.

We have different membership frameworks/layouts that you can choose from.  If you want a simpler design where your clients do not need to login, we can also create a quick access hub where they can see replays and other great stuff you want to share with them!

Get a quote for us to build out your membership site today.

Rates starting at $597
Need A Custom Funnel?
Would you like a custom funnel that you have in mind, but you'd like use to build it for you? Let's talk about it!

Click below to let us know more about your project!

Rates starting at $497
#8: Affiliate Funnels
Would you like the ability to have affiliates (people who send you referrals and sales)?

We can build you an affiliate login and affiliate members area so your customers can become affiliates and share your products or services online and get paid for promoting what you offer.

Get a quote for us to build out your affiliate portal today.
What others have to say...

Don't take it from us...

What an amazing feeling to not have to feel stress and anxious about trying to figure out all of the overwhelming and frustrating tech. Thanks to Jenn, I can just focus on delivering quality service to my clients. Jenn jumped in right away put me at ease and assured me that I don’t have to worry about all the details that I get bogged down with. She asked me the right questions to help me clarify my project and help me to make the necessary adjustments. Cresting my sales pages, thank you pages, Zoom, call loop, Facebook page, I don’t have to worry about any of it! Jenn is so calm and reassuring and believes in what I’m doing so she keeps me motivated! I would highly recommend working with Jennifer even if you know the tech side, she will free up your time so you can focus on what you do best and feel confident that she will take care of all your tech needs!

Cathy, Author, CEO and Founder of  Weight Loss God's Way

Hear from one more client...

Tech Boss Jenn was absolutely essential in getting my services and challenges launched online for my holistic health company. During Covid my NYC-based company, Pearl Wellness & Detox, had to shift from a brick and mortar operation to almost entirely virtual overnight! Jenn did all the heavy-lifting with tech issues that were way over my head and gave me simple easy solutions with her keen and razor-sharp understanding of the most important platforms and how they each work best together and separately during our on-boarding session.

She saved my company so much money by sharing the easiest and cost-effective ways to get the tech work done efficiently. The ease and calm of how she eliminated all the nitty-gritty tech problems was incredible! My websites, funnels, affiliate links, facebook ads, follow up email, texts and other necessary platforms would have been near impossible for me to get up and running alone. She dramatically cut down the time it would have taken me to launch. I can't thank her enough! 

She had fast answers to my toughest questions and gave me systems that helped generate thousands of leads for my company in a few short weeks. (days?) I have been blown away on every level. I couldn't recommend her more highly. 5 Stars hands down!

Pearl, CEO and Founder Pearl Wellness and Detox + Boss Life Mastery

What Clients Say...

Jennifer was a life saver, we needed a website in a saturated market and Jennifer was able to custom build a one that was just a perfect fit our new business. She is patient and full of amazing ideas that will set your apart from others in your industry, I have to commend her attention to detail in ensuring that our vision came to life. She is brilliant! We are so grateful for her! 

Jane, CEO and Founder of The Virgin Hair Fantasy @thevirginhairfantasy

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